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Staying in a motel or renting with your sub pay?
Do you really like your cramped crapy quarters with no relax space?
Can you get a personal loan for 20,000 or a morgage?
with the personal loan you can rent to own a 5 huge bedroom home with tons of parking space, patios, huge fenced and treed yard.
You can take 4 of your work budies and collect rent from them and still have a room for you!!!
Tons of space so you still have your privicy and they are paying for your space AND you keep your sub pay and rent money.
You even have space in the back yard to rent to someone with a trailor. MONEY MONEY MONEY to be had with this fantastic PLACE!!
Classy, comfortable, wonderful home and best of all you own it and dont have to pay for it. They do with your companys sub money. SOOOOO everyone wins!!
Everyones comfortable! Everyones happy and you have something rather then living in a motel or rented spot!!
So lets make a deal and I may be able to help out with your furniture so AGAIN no worries. just move it. Depending on the deal. Moving out on thursday or friday so let me know before i take out all my wonderful treasures ;0)
live love and laugh!! all the way to the bank!!
[removed phone] or work [removed phone] ext 233

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